Updated: Tuesday February 9th- 4:37pm

We are currently having some technicial issues at our transmitter site on Okanagan Mountain due to falli ice that has damaged our antenna. Our Engineering staff are working tirelessly to solve the issue and you're paitence is greatly appreciated.

We are currently running two small backup transmitters in the Kelowna and Penticton areas.

The Central Okanagan (Kelowna North) Coverage as of Tuesday February 9th has been restored to about 80%. That being said, there still might be some patchy spots that you are unable to get us.

Service to the South Okanagan (Peachland/Summerland SOUTH) is now being worked on. We hope to have the South Okanagan serviced to about 80% as well by the end of the week. These are simply backup transmitters that are being activated while the big work on top of Okanagan Mountain is being attended to (As you can imagine...its a pretty massive job we have on our hands) We again thank you for your patience AND DON'T FORGET, when in doubt, you can always stream us crystal clear online at OR on the FREE iPhone App!

We will continue to post updates as we receive them from our Engineering staff.



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